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  • Fire and Storm Lyrics By King Moses

    Fire and Storm is a song of encouragement with a touch of  orchestra. (Fire and Storm Lyrics)   In the midst of the fire In the midst of the storm In the midst of the turbulent ...

    BIBLE LYRICS Intro:     Bible is life and is a                       way to Almighty so          ...
  • Wait (Lyrics) - King Moses

    WAIT LYRICS Verse They that wait  On the Lord Shall renew Renew their strength They shall mount up wings as eagles They shall run and not be weary Chorus He's got the whole w...

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GLORIOUS NAME - Mulungi Joshua

GLORIOUS NAME    (Verse 1) Your precious and powerful blood Purified us and saved us We deserved nothing, yet in you we have everything You showed us mercy You paid all the


Glory And Honor - King Moses

GLORY AND HONOUR LYRICS   King Moses   Chorus   Aya ya ya Aya ya ya Glory and Honour forever  


Pastor Tom Mugerwa forced to change 31st December Overnight Venue from Kololo to Kitebi Primary School

Statement released by Mutundwe Christian Fellowship Reads; � SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT End of Year Overnight 31st December 2023 Change of Venue. Pastor Tom Mugerwa of Mutundwe Christian Fellows


Jara (Lyrics) - King Moses

Afro-Gospel by king Moses   Jara King Moses   Jara Jara Jara With you I will Hala There is no wahala    Verse: Take a look (Ehaaa) Look at me


SPIRITUAL WAR: Pastors Tom Mugerwa, Phaneroo's Grace Lubega Fight For Kololo Grounds for 31st December Night Prayer

In a spiritual war that has captured the attention of Kampala's Born Again community, Pastors Tom Mugerwa of Mutundwe Christian Fellowship and Phaneroo's Grace Lubega are embroiled in a fier