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SPIRITUAL WAR: Pastors Tom Mugerwa, Phaneroo's Grace Lubega Fight For Kololo Grounds for 31st December Night Prayer

By Ssekanjako Deus
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In a spiritual war that has captured the attention of Kampala's Born Again community, Pastors Tom Mugerwa of Mutundwe Christian Fellowship and Phaneroo's Grace Lubega are embroiled in a fierce battle for the rights to host their respective year-end prayer gatherings at the prestigious Kololo Ceremonial Grounds.


Traditionally, the 31st December outdoor prayer gatherings have been a platform for Born Again pastors to showcase their influence and draw massive crowds. Pastor Tom Mugerwa, known for hosting his end-of-year prayer events at Wankulukuku Stadium, made a strategic decision for the year 2023. Leveraging the expansive reach of his own radio and TV media, he opted to relocate his prayer gathering to the larger and more central Kololo Ceremonial Grounds.

Pastor Tom Mugerwa's shrewd move involved an exclusive three-year contract, securing the Kololo Grounds for his prayer events in 2023, 2024, and 2025. The decision was accompanied by extensive advertising on various media platforms, ensuring a massive turnout for the prayerful ushering into the new year 2024.


Apostle Grace Lubega, the leader of Phaneroo, is not a fan of this calculated move. According to people with knowledge of the situation, Apostle Grace Lubega is resolved to contest and revoke the agreement that gave Pastor Tom Mugerwa sole access to the Kololo Grounds for the predetermined number of years. It is purported that Apostle Lubega has stated he intends to challenge the contract through legal action if needed.


Concerns about the impending conflict have been raised among Born Again Christians, especially among those connected to Phaneroo who also visit Mutundwe Christian Fellowship to participate in Pastor Tom Mugerwa's life-changing sessions of deliverance and repentance. Many members of the community are concerned about the potential effects of a court struggle over the usage of Kololo Grounds on their spiritual engagements.


The Born Again community is eager to see how the conflict over the Kololo Grounds will be handled and whether it will have an effect on the annual prayer meetings that have grown to be an important part of Kampala's spiritual calendar.




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