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An Open Letter To All Christian Movie Makers

By Ssekanjako Deus
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I decided to write an open letter to all Christian movie makers most especially the Christian casting community.

Having witnessed how fast and effective the Gospel spreads through movies, I vividly believe God has called many to serve him through movie making despite the many life challenges we all go through.


I can only imagine what you go through to make even just one movie, the difficulties each one of you goes through at each stage from story writing, casting, funding to editing. This l say as one who has witnessed first hand the transforming power in a well made Christian movie. God is glorified to the point that witch doctors come out to fight the movie when shown, lives are saved, marriage restored, drunkards are set free and healings of both physical and spiritual lives happen too and in big numbers.


When we showed the movie TEXT to the people of KISIMA 1 & 2 ISLANDS

These islands found in the eastern part of Uganda along lake Victoria are dominated by pains and poverty, they have been infested by hatred between parents and their children due to failure of the parents to fulfill their responsibility. Due to these pains, several single mothers had resorted to drowning their babies in the lake out of frustration. Others had left their children to whom it may concern in that 3 year olds could nights out and parents would not be bothered.

Through the movie, it was as if the people at the island saw another version of parenting, loving and responsible living that some of those who were fade up with their children and had harbored hidden hatred of killing them decided to keep them.

People gave their lives to Christ crying and repenting, Parents started looking for their lost children after meeting them at the movie show, parents who had given up on taking their children to school saw it necessary to have them educated and pastors in the area could not believe it. Even after we left, we still hear testimonies upon testimonies of those who wanted to kill their babies but they chose to keep them, restored families and marriage and we rejoice with them always.

The life of the people greatly changed till now, families are now together, marriages restored, children well cared and even schooling.. Glory to God in the highest. Christian Casting community has even helped fund some students back to school.

The widows in the area made small groups among them selves to fight for the destinies of their children and so far so good even though they painfully endure day to day life trials.

Although the movie text is 2 hours 20 minutes, it's making was so hooking that even a child could stop playing and pay attention to the movie. All the people were quiet and glued to watching the film. Truthfully speaking Movie shows have a unique way of attracting attention of all people both young and old.

While in Buikwe, we showed THE TEXT in our next movie crusade in Buikwe even witch doctors came out to fight the movie show because many people accepted Jesus.

The other movie we showed is A FATHER'S FIGHT. We almost failed showing it because of the resistance on the second day was too much. A man came out in the open when a strong wind came and pushed our projector screen down, he started shouting Infront of the people that it's the power of small gods called Lubale fighting to destroy our Christian movie show!!

The movie father's fight has a very strong and life transforming message too just like the text. I remember hearing drunkard watching and some of them shouting that they will keep drinking but at the end of the movie, they accepted Jesus and knew that drinking is wrong.

However there were demon possessed people who kept speaking that drinking is one of their god-approved rights. To my friends in the Christian casting community, here in Uganda there are spirits responsible for making people to drink and alcohol is used in places of worship. The shrine ( houses of small gods) have special places were alcohol is put and it's believed that alcohol is for gods!!

We showed that movie FATHER'S FIGHT teaching people to stay away from alcohol or the gods of alcoholism. The witches could not stand us showing another movie the third day.

The next day we asked to use some other place and showed our movies, ( they had intimidated people not to allow us use their places but the pastor who invited us had a friend and that is the person who allowed us use his land) by the grace of God we were able to show the movie on the last day and 380 people accepted Jesus in that last movie show.

The nearest big towns that heard of what God did asked us to come show the same movies in their towns too but surprisingly we have started recieving threatening calls from people commanding us not to go and show movies there.

I have got calls from witch doctors who say if we travel to show movies there, our car will not reach, we will end in deaths, we shall run mad and so many insulting things.

We are convinced that God wants us to go and show movies there in Senyi but witch doctors too are fighting tooth and nail.

To all those God has called to serve him through through making movies especially fellow members from Christian casting community please make the movies though many challenges are involved

We are traveling to Senyi on Monday to speak with some churches and make preparations on were we shall show movies from.

Please allow me send a very big thank you to Laura Mae who God connected us first to and she is the one who felt led to help us with the projector.

With the help of this projector, revival was ignited here in Uganda.

By Vj Geoffrey<